Scottish Violence Reduction Unit

Established to address exceptionally high levels of violent crime in Scotland, the Scottish Violence Reduction Unit (VRU) uses Esri’s ArcGIS platform to gain invaluable intelligence about murders, knife attacks and assaults. The organisation uses this insight to improve the effectiveness of police interventions and ultimately better protect citizens.

Read the case study for information on how:

  • ArcGIS gives the VRU a deeper understanding of patterns in crime and the ‘geography of gangs’, helping it to monitor gang-related violence.
  • ArcGIS identified the best locations for a stop and search campaign that contributed to a 39% reduction in crime in Glasgow city centre.
  • The VRU uses ArcGIS to share information with local police forces and other partners, helping them to collaborate on successful crime reduction initiatives.


"Use of ArcGIS stops ‘needle in a haystack’ policing. During the period of this operation, crime in Glasgow city centre came down by 39%."

Will Linden, Analyst Coordinator at Strathclyde Police

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