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Help us to make the Esri UK 2018 Annual Conference an amazing day. We are looking for real-world stories about how you are using ArcGIS to solve complex issues and transform the way you and your organisation work.

As a presenter you will gain recognition and exposure to over 2,500 Esri users from across the public and private sector. Users from unique and diverse fields will come together to explore newfound, innovative, uses of GIS that are changing the way we think and act.

Enterprise GIS
Applying The Science of Where to Innovate, Act and Transform

This main-stage track is a platform for customers to showcase ground-breaking GIS innovations that demonstrate how GIS is being used to deliver organisational and societal change.

Tell us about your exceptional developments in GIS technology and real-world GIS applications. How is your work helping to uncover new insights or deliver a digital transformation project that is literally changing the way we think and act?

Your presentation should encompass all of the following to show how ArcGIS is used as a:

  • System of record: to manage a wide variety of data, maps and apps that can be accessed by users across an organisation.
  • System of insight: to analyse information and make sense of it, using this insight to positively impact decision-making to enhance working practices or deliver improved services to customers.
  • System of engagement: to share information internally across the organisation, externally with the public or deployed as a common operating platform.

Data in Action
Be Organised – a single platform for managing Maps, Apps and Data

We are living in a world with access to huge volumes of data and content, from multiple sources. How are you using ArcGIS to manage disparate data silos from within your organisation? Are you accessing open data to create a central data hub, that provides the right information across your business, to your customers and the public?

Your presentation could showcase your work with:

  • Living Atlas: have you accessed any of the ready-to-use content layers available in the Living Atlas to save you time and help visualise your own data?
  • Big Data: are you processing large volumes of data from mobile devices, drones or sensors, enabling employees to make the right decisions first time?
  • Open Data: what sources of open data are you accessing and how are you using this to create two-way conversations with customers, citizens or society at large?

Analytical Insights
Gain Insight – Visualise and analyse information to support strategic decision making

As a System of Insight ArcGIS is a powerful platform able to visualise data and undertake spatial analysis, to help users understand complex issues and inform a wide range of business and policy decisions.

How have you used spatial analysis techniques in your workplace, to support decision-making in your organisation?

Presentations could showcase:

  • Visualising Data: How you have visualised data to revel new patterns, trends and hotspots.
  • Evaluating Situations: How you have analysed a wide variety of data sets to evaluate a situation from multiple perspectives.
  • 3D Analysis: How you have undertaken 3D analysis or modelling to create a new perspective and predict future trends.

Collaborative Working
Share It – Collaborate across the enterprise, with the public and engage communities

ArcGIS is highly valued as a system of engagement to share information across the workplace, with the public and multiple external stakeholders.

By presenting a common operating picture, the ArcGIS platform enables organisations to co-ordinate the response to an emergency, streamline business operations and improve services to customers.

Your presentation could showcase:

  • Operational Processes: How you are using ArcGIS apps to collate data and facilitate collaboration between office based staff and field workers to improve operational processes.
  • Customer Service: How you are providing information on demand: enabling customers to self-serve, delivering greater time efficiencies and improved customer services.
  • Crowdsourcing: How you are crowdsourcing information to gather public feedback and then share externally, to drive public and commercial engagement.

Smart Infrastructure
Integrating the science of GeoDesign to evaluate future developments

From planning inception to project completion, ArcGIS is used to manage complex infrastructure projects throughout the entire project management lifecycle. GeoDesign helps users model scenarios to undertake impact analysis on the natural and built environments; collaborate with stakeholders across multiple organisation and keep the public informed with live web maps.

Your presentation could showcase one or more of the following:

  • Plan: How you are using ArcGIS to identify available land or to generate a local area plan for sustainable development.
  • Design: How you have created a 3D model or undertaken impact analysis for a proposed new infrastructure project.
  • Build: How ArcGIS is being used as a project management tool to locate assets and track activities throughout the construction phase.
  • Operate: How you are managing vital public services and transport links to deliver connected and well run communities.

Developers’ Forum
A Platform for Developers

As the de facto geospatial platform for developers, ArcGIS lets users build mapping, visualisation and analysis apps for any industry, for any device, with no GIS experience necessary.

The Developers’ Forum provides the developer community with opportunity to showcase new, pioneering apps and learn helpful best practices for successful geospatial app planning, implementation and deployment using ArcGIS developer tools.

Your presentation could showcase:

  • Spatial Capabilities: How you use ArcGIS to build and deploy apps with spatial capabilities.
  • Custom Functionality: How you have extended ArcGIS products with your own custom functionality and scripted common workflows.
  • Data Usage: How you work with multiple streams of data and services for use inside your apps.

Education Showcase
Building the Next Generation

ArcGIS is becoming increasingly recognised as a powerful tool for teaching geography. In the classroom it can help teachers meet curriculum challenges and support pupils as a practical and interactive learning tool.

Higher education also benefits from ArcGIS and spatial thinking, from teaching and learning to research and academic administration.

Network with your peers, share your experience and showcase:

  • Research: How you are using ArcGIS as a research tool or as a medium to present key findings through Story Maps.
  • Learning: Are your students using the ArcGIS Apps as a modern way to collect and share information on field study trips.
  • Teaching: How you are teaching with ArcGIS to deliver the curriculum and equip students with the right skills for their future careers.

Presenter Information

Customer Presentations should be 20 minutes long. This year's committee will evaluate all abstracts and make selections based on topic, content, and time available.

The submission deadline was Friday 26th January 2018.

All authors will be notified whether they have been successful or not by 28th of February. Accepted presenters need to upload their final presentations by Friday 4th May 2018.

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