We Are Esri UK & Ireland

We’re part of the world’s leading mapping technology company, and are proud to provide our many talented employees with a challenging and rewarding place to work. Using applied geography we help our customers to understand the world and design a smarter future.


We are the best in our fields from all walks of life and all over the world

We Come Togetherin Small Teams

To Make BigIdeas Happen

Urban Observatory

With our geographic information system, anything is possible.

People Gain Insight

Our tools help people see data in new ways to design solutions for business, government, and the environment.

Cities Become Smarter

Mapping isn’t just about travel. Our technology is used to plan and maintain cities around the globe.

The World Feels Smaller

The world is a big place made up of complex interactions.Our platform helps make sense of it all.

And Across the Planet

We Have 41 Offices
Employees From 67 Countries
Software Touching 7 Continents