Premium Services

While our Free Services incorporate the Ordnance Survey OpenData products, our Premium Services deliver the Ordnance Survey's high quality, premium mapping products over the internet.

The Premium datasets offer impressive levels of detail and are frequently updated to keep them in line with changes in the real world. As a result of the high levels of detail and currency, these datasets are very large and time consuming to manage.

Our Premium Services deliver the benefits of these large and complex datasets as fast, up-to-date and reliable online services.

All of the Premium Services listed below are available on an annual subscription basis.

Please click here to register your interest in our Premium Services and request a telephone call from one of our team.

OS VML Basemap

OS VectorMap Local (VML) BaseMap is derived from enhanced vector versions of the following OS products; Strategi, VectorMap District (VMD) and VectorMap Local (VML). VML is a large scale mapping dataset which provides detailed mapping for all of Great Britain. VML is derived from the OS 1:10 000 Scale Colour Raster and one of the main characteristics of the dataset is its representation of real world features (e.g. roads, railways, buildings, vegetation, boundaries and urban extents) as points, lines, polygons, and text.

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OS MasterMap Basemap

OS MasterMap BaseMap is derived from enhanced vector versions of the following OS products; Strategi, VectorMap District and MasterMap. The OS MasterMap Topography Layer in this service provides a highly detailed view of Great Britain's landscape including individual buildings, roads and areas of land. In total, OS Mastermap contains in excess of 400 million individual features.You can use this product for example, to assess risk (financial or environmental) or to aid in the management of items that relate to geographical features such as electricity pipelines.

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OS VML and MasterMap

The combination of OS VectorMap Local and OS MasterMap Topography Layers provide a highly detailed view of Great Britain's landscape zooming seamlessly down through road, railway and urban extents, through to the very fine detail of individual buildings, vegetation and areas of particular land-use.

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OS Premium Rasters

OS Premium Rasters is derived from the full range of free and premium Ordnance Survey raster datasets to provide high quality background mapping at all scales. This service comprises of Miniscale, 1:250k, 1:50K, 1:25K and 1:10K Colour Raster data. Please click on the link below for full details of the view scales.

As with all of our raster services, all of the mapping images in OS Premium Rasters have been processed to make them as clear as possible.

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OS 1:50k Colour Raster

1:50 000 Scale Colour Raster is the digital form of the well known OS Landranger Map.

The scale makes it helpful if you want to analyse the environment of a wide area, but you can also use it as a backdrop map to give context to your own business datasets, for example the location of building sites or distribution of customers.

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OS 1:25k Colour Raster

1:25 000 Scale Colour Raster is the digital form of the popular OS Explorer Map. The detailed representation of the countryside makes it particularly helpful if you want to analyse the environment in a rural area.

You can also use it as a backdrop map to add a geographical context to your own information, such as showing customers where your shops are.

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OS VML Colour Raster

OS VectorMap ® Local (VML) is a detailed raster map appropriate for viewing at large scales and is generated from the vector version of VML. It takes the place of the 1:10,000 colour raster for large scale raster datasets.

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PSMA Bundle

The Public Sector Mapping Agreement (PSMA) Bundle includes all of our premium online data services within a single subscription.

The premium PSMA bundle is available to any organisation that is either part of the Public Sector Mapping Agreement or to any organisation that  is licensed to use all of the datasets included in the services.

Important note. The datasets included in this bundle do not currently include all of the PSMA datasets. If you are interested in this bundle, please contact us to speak to someone at Esri UK and discuss which datasets are included.