OS VML Basemap information

Features & Benefits
High-resolution backdrop map data includes:
  • A comprehensive range of features such as Roads, railways, vegetation, boundaries, urban Extent, buildings. 
  • Rich topographic data content
  • Uncluttered and clean mapping 
  • A range of queryable attribute fields 

As one of a range of backdrop base map services developed by Esri UK, OS MasterMap® BaseMap is derived from enhanced vector versions of OS OpenData products Strategi, VectorMap® District and VectorMap® Local.

From the Ordnance Survey Vector Map product range this large scale mapping dataset provides detailed mapping for all of Great Britain. It is derived from the OS 1:10 000 Scale Colour Raster and one of the main characteristics of the dataset is representation of real world features (e.g. roads, railways, buildings, vegetation, boundaries and urban extents) as points, lines, polygons, and text.

Central Government, Defence, Education, Insurance, Local Government, Public Safety, Utilities, Private sector

Background mapping

Data Type
Cached map service with queryable layers at VML level

ArcGIS Server 10 compact cache

Great Britain

Data Scale
10,000,000 - Strategi
5,000,000 - Strategi
2,500,000 - Strategi
1,000,000 - Strategi
500,000 - Strategi
250,000 - Strategi
100,000 - Strategi
75,000 - Strategi
50,000 - VectorMap District and Strategi
25,000 - VectorMap District
10,000 - VectorMap Local
5,000 - VectorMap Local
2,500 - VectorMap Local
1,250 - VectorMap Local

Queryable fields
Text :- Feature Code, Feature Description
Points:- Feature Code, Feature Description
Roads:- Feature Code, Feature Description, Road Name, Road Number
Lines:- Feature Code, Feature Description, Length
Buildings:- Feature Code, Feature Description, Area
Vegetation:- Feature Code, Feature Description, Area
Landform:- Feature Code, Feature Description, Area
Water Features:- Feature Code, Feature Description

Update Frequency

Coordinate Reference System
British National Grid (OSGB36)