OS VML Raster

OS VML Colour Raster

Features & Benefits
High-resolution backdrop map designed for providing contextual mapping output.
  • A comprehensive range of features such as roads, railways, vegetation, boundaries, urban extent, buildings.
  • Rich topographic data content
  • Uncluttered and clean mapping

OS VML Colour Raster is the Ordnance Survey’s most detailed backdrop product. You can overlay your information on top of it, to give it a geographic context.

Ideal for working at a local or community level, to present the location of your business data, or to support a multitude of different geographic applications.

Central & Local Government, Defence, Education, Insurance, Finance, Public Safety, Utilities, Private sector

Background mapping

Data Type
Cached map service

ArcGIS Server 10 compact cache

Great Britain

Data Scale
The OS VML Colour Raster map service is cached at the following levels:

1:10,000,000 - Strategi
1:5,000,000 - Strategi
1:2,500,00 - Strategi
1:1,000,000 - Strategi
1:500,000 - Strategi
1:250,000 - Strategi
1:100,000 - Strategi
1:75,000 - Strategi
1:50,000 - Strategi + VectorMap District
1:25,000 - VectorMap District
1:10,000 - OS VML Colour Raster
1:5,000 - OS VML Colour Raster (optimium viewing scale)
1:2,500 - OS VML Colour Raster

Update Frequency

Coordinate Reference System
British National Grid (OSGB36)