Esri UK Annual Conference 2017

16 May 2017 | QEII, London

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Plenary Session
Monday, July 20
8:25 am–3:30 pm
SDCC, Halls F, G, and H


Doors Open


Applying Geography Everywhere — Welcome and GIS Vision
Jack Dangermond, President, Esri

Smart Organizations & Communities

  • New Developments in ArcGIS
  • What’s Trending in WebGIS
  • Advancing Geographic Information Science
  • Open and Interoperable
  • ArcGIS Pro and Environmental Justice – District of Columbia Department of Transportation




Are You in Your Element?
  • A Mission Critical Approach to Water – Southwest Florida Water Management District
  • Statistical Integration with R – Esri
  • Unmanned Aerial Systems Take Off – Esri
  • WebGIS Delivers Safety and Efficiency – Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
  • 3D Everywhere – Esri
  • Workforce Operations – Esri
  • Feeding the World: Precision Agriculture Simplified – Beck’s Hybrids
  • Spatial Analysis and Big Data – Esri
  • Proactive Rejuvenation: Ignite Your Potential – State of Victoria, Australia Government
  • Vector Basemap Tiles – Esri
  • Developing Native Apps – Esri
  • Today’s World of App Speed Dating – Esri Ensemble

12:00 noon



Geography Around the World
Jack Dangermond, President, Esri

Special Guest – The Battle against Ebola

Dr. Bruce Aylward, World Health Organization

Special Guest – Understanding Geography

Gary Knell, President and CEO, National Geographic Society

Mentoring the Next Generation – Connecting GIS with Education

Molokai High School STEMworks, Hawaii

Keynote Speaker: Smart Government – Reduce the Distance between People

Martin O’Malley, Keynote Speaker, Governor – State of Maryland (2007 – 2015)

Governor Martin O’Malley, one of the most technologically-savvy governors in the U.S., recently completed his second successful term as governor of Maryland, and was subsequently appointed to the Johns Hopkins University's Carey Business School as a visiting professor focusing on government, business and urban issues.

Over the course of his tenure as Governor (and previously, as Mayor of Baltimore), Governor O’Malley’s strong belief in timely, accurate, and transparent information led to a new age of performance management throughout the State and across multiple organizations. His model in the State of Maryland not only delivered innovative management solutions in Maryland’s environment, healthcare, water resources, and green spaces; it also served as a model for other governments across the nation.

Governor O’Malley and his administration used these evidence based approaches to make choices for the state that resulted in national rankings including Education Week recognizing its schools as the best public schools in America for 5 years in a row and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce acknowledging it as #1 in STEM jobs.

Governor O’Malley will share how managers can use GIS technology and leadership to help meet the needs of citizens with particular emphasis on reducing the distance between people and government and creating a more inclusive picture.

3:30 pm

Plenary Session Concludes and Map Gallery Opens

Note: The plenary program is subject to change.