Health: helping to improve public health

The healthcare industry is using GIS to help improve the health of the population. This means that services can be tailored and targeted to community needs and the outcome can be monitored - find out how below:




Location matters in healthcare

As healthcare in the UK is undergoing momentous change, GIS from Esri UK is key to helping improve the health of the population.

GIS has been innovating to improve healthcare outcomes since 1854. Nearly two centuries ago, a cholera epidemic gripped London’s Soho. The solution was eluding scientists. Leading epidemiologist John Snow decided on a pioneering approach. He mapped the outbreak to track down the cause. This famous visualisation persuaded politicians to act.


Delivering quality, cost effective healthcare

Today, GIS has a key role to play understanding the determinants of public health, the tailoring and targeting of services to community needs and the on-going monitoring of outcomes. In addition it has an important role to play in improving the management of estates, assets and operations.

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