Get the most out of your fields and farms.

Boost your seasonal production and your profitability by intelligently assigning your resources. With intelligent maps and spatial analysis, you can optimize your operations and logistics to cut your fertilizer, fuel, seed, labor, and transportation costs. Avoid costly maintenance repairs by tracking and managing your assets to keep your farm operating at peak efficiency.

"We can spend more time with the vines and increase our understanding and knowledge so that we can continue to push the envelope on the quality of our wines."

Gregory Gonzalez, Ranch Supervisor and GIS Technologist at Scheid Vineyards



Monitor your equipment and operations to find assets and operational functions that need your attention. Read How


Easily record field observations, such as crop height and density, and other information to keep your data current and accurate. Read How


Spatially manage your assets and equipment to optimize their use, reduce costs, and boost production. Read How


ArcGIS GeoEvent Extension for Server

Pull in real-time data from your sensors to identify threats to your crops as they emerge. Create filters and process incoming streams of data so that you can focus on high-priority incidents that will have the greatest impact on your operations.

Learn more about ArcGIS GeoEvent Extension for Server.

ArcGIS Online

Give everyone in your organization the power to quickly visualize and share their data in the cloud. Create interactive maps for each of your fields and crops and incorporate authoritative content from Esri’s Living Atlas of the World.

Find out how the USDA uses ArcGIS Online to share agriculture data

Collector for ArcGIS

Use your smartphone to record information in the field about all aspects of your operations, from your crops to your equipment. Continue working, even when you’re outside cell service range, through disconnected editing tools. Access maps and other data you’ve published to ensure you have the right information.

Learn more about Collector for ArcGIS

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