Optimize your harvest.

Your fields aren’t the same, so why treat them like they are? With Esri technology, you can monitor the health of individual crops in your fields and adapt to differences in soil types, sunlight, and slope. Use your findings to accurately estimate variable yields across any field and maximize crop production.



Map individual variations in your fields to better understand them and get a clear picture of your operations. Read How


Factor in every variable that affects your crop and find the best places to plant. Read How


Go into your fields to take detailed observations that can refine crop forecasts and planning. Read How


ArcGIS Image Extension for Server

Keep an eye on your fields at all times by incorporating high-resolution satellite imagery that reveals changes and seasonal variations in your field. Easily publish and consume imagery that can be shared throughout your organization to power more intelligent crop forecasting and land suitability analyses.

See how Australian farmers use imagery to monitor their fields.

ArcGIS Online

Give everyone in your organization the power to quickly visualize and share their data in the cloud. Create interactive maps for each of your fields and crops and incorporate authoritative content from Esri’s Living Atlas of the World.

Find out how the USDA uses ArcGIS Online to share agriculture data

ArcGIS Spatial Analyst

Construct detailed models of the conditions in your fields to identify the optimal locations for individual crops. Identify patterns in your data that impact growing conditions and maximize the yields of each field through scientific spatial analysis.

See how Scheid Vineyards determines which vineyards can be machine harvested

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