Preserve the health of your farm.

Droughts, unpredictable weather, and pests can wreck your harvest. But they don't have to. Esri can help you protect your crop by analyzing and predicting threats before you lose everything. Plan sustainable measures that reduce water consumption and bounce back faster from disasters. With Esri technology, you can adapt to a changing climate and promote the continued health of your fields.



Understand insect and animal behavior. Plan and assess measures to mitigate the impact of pests on your operations. Read How


Track extreme weather events and man-made disruptions. Assemble the information you need to respond at a moment’s notice. Read How


Combine live weather information with pest and crop data into a common view to get the complete picture. Read How


ArcGIS for Desktop

Visualize your data and perform spatial analysis that can help you better understand risks to operations. Model what-if scenarios to better understand the potential impacts of threats from both pests and the climate. Create authoritative maps and map books that detail mitigation plans.

See how Australia protects its agricultural industry with GIS.

ArcGIS GeoEvent Extension for Server

Pull in real-time data from your sensors to identify threats to your crops as they emerge. Create filters and process incoming streams of data so that you can focus on high-priority incidents that will have the greatest impact on your operations.

Learn more about ArcGIS GeoEvent Extension for Server.

ArcGIS Online

Give everyone in your organization the power to quickly visualize and share their data in the cloud. Create interactive maps for each of your fields and crops and incorporate authoritative content from Esri’s Living Atlas of the World.

Find out how the USDA uses ArcGIS Online to share agriculture data

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