Airport Solutions: Maximise revenue from retail and provide a delightful customer experience

Making sense of complex information can drive better decision making, improve inter-departmental collaboration and facilitate more efficient passenger throughput. Every day, millions of decisions are powered by location information, helping to connect departments, build businesses and transform operations.

Maximise retail revenue

“What if retail outlets were not maximising revenue opportunities?”

Combining relevant demographics with your business data can empower effective decision making and boost retail revenue.

Providing the right mix of retail outlets and best use of retail space helps satisfies travellers’ needs, maximising retail revenue.

Reveal the most effective space allocation for retail outlets, analyse footfall and discover hotspots of opportunity resulting from underperformance or inefficiency.

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Improve and increase overall throughput

“How can I get passengers more swiftly through their journey?”

Esri helps reduce bottlenecks on the ground to help increase overall throughput. Location based information helps to design terminals to route passengers effectively through their journey. It helps to model new designs of security gates, plan the fastest and most efficient transport hubs and networks and create a retail and food and beverage experience that can handle the most number of customers.

Improving management of passenger throughput achieves a positive customer experience.

Keep passengers and staff safe

“How does an airport evacuate a terminal with minimal disruption?”

Modelling passenger behaviour with Esri GIS helps to keep them safe in the event of an emergency.

GS can be used to model scenarios, to plan for emergencies and determine the activity needed to meet security requirements without having to shut terminal buildings down.

Britain’s 25 Busiest Airports

This map shows the locations of the 25 busiest airports within Britain according to the total number of passengers, with other key statistics such as:

  • capacity of aircraft movements
  • location in the UK
  • distance of each airport from its nearest major city

GIS Takes off at Manchester Airports

Read this ThinkGIS article on how Manchester Airport Group is extending its use of ArcGIS Following many years of sustained success with Esri technology.