Airport Solutions: Implement better co-ordination and collaboration between organisations

Making sense of complex information can drive better decision making, improve inter-departmental collaboration and facilitate more efficient passenger throughput. Every day, millions of decisions are powered by location information, helping to connect departments, build businesses and transform operations.

Save money and reduce costs

“How can I reduce costs and improve efficiency? There’s already too much to manage!”

Sharing information between departments can help finance departments make more incisive decisions that make better financial sense. Presenting data on a map can help an Airport visualise expenditure, airside, landside and terminal side on a local, national or global scale.

Identifying under and over-performing departments and discover where to best focus budget and manage costs.

Esri gives airports cost-effective and efficient tools for managing large volumes of asset data.

Improve productivity

“What if there was a better way to manage huge amounts of data? How can we keep data and analysis up to date?”

Effective data management brings order to the increasing complexity of airport data, whilst harnessing its business value.

Displaying data on a map means airports can analyse the potential implication and impact of the quantity of information being created. This visualisation of data improves day-to-day decision making plus provides strategic insights for the business.

The powerful combination of spatial and tabular data shared across the organisation enables airports to understand information more quickly, simplifies the entire lifecycle of asset data and makes it easier to share. This creates rich asset data you can rely on when making strategic decisions for the future.

Improve collaboration

“What if there was a better way to coordinate and collaborate between airport organisations?”

A single source of information means less duplication of work, it’s easier to keep up-to-date and cheaper to maintain.

Visualising airport assets in a single view gives airports the big picture required to make better operational decisions, supporting easier collaboration between airport departments and airport organisations.

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