Automotive Dealerships

Drive business growth with spatial analytics

How can you better understand your customers and drive future demand? Is there a way to better assess the market and locate new business? Yes, there is - by understanding the “where” in your data. GIS can integrate with your existing systems and enable you to visualise your SMMT data, analyse trends and use predictive analytics to give you a competitive edge


Locate new sites

Visualise yours and your competitor’s dealership networks and use predictive analytics to locate new dealership sites. Combine traffic flows, network plans, customer gravity models and more to gain new insight.

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Increase sales

Improve sales performance in new vehicles sold, servicing and value added services, used vehicles and financing deals. Assess the impacts of yours and your competitor’s marketing campaigns and partnership agreements.

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Know your customers

Map the distribution of existing and prospective customers and profile them according to demographics and behaviour. Understand and improve the customer journey and uncover areas of untapped business.

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Esri Network Analyst

Esri Network Analyst complements your existing BI and analytical systems and allows you to easily visualise your dealership network and how it relates to competitors’. Network analyst will help you find new avenues to grow your sales and market share without cannibalising the performance of your existing dealerships.

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ArcGIS Platform

ArcGIS is the geography platform for your consumer facing organisation. Integrate ArcGIS into your existing business systems, improving access to information across your organization. Improve business agility while making the best decisions.

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Esri Tapestry Segmentation

Save money by marketing to the right people and predicting their behaviour. Gain crucial insights by identifying the best customers and prospects and tap into the who of lifestyle demography with the where of location geography.

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