Are you fully in control of your risk?

Acquire a competitive edge by gaining a more nuanced understanding of risk exposure. GIS provides the ability to see previously hidden correlations created by the interrelatedness of seemingly non-related assets, events and more. Traditional analysis is restricted by artificial geographies and does not provide enhanced insight into micro level factors like employer trends, weather events or natural trade areas where the real risk exists. Spatial analysis revolutionises the evaluation, planning, and execution of your investment strategy for all staff on all devices, from analysts to C-level executives.

"Several FTSE 100 financial services companies have chosen Esri to complement their risk analysis and mitigation procedures"


Identify Future Risks and Opportunities

Predict how upcoming infrastructure projects like HS2, Cross Rail 2 or airport expansions will affect your investment portfolio and be the first to adapt.

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Innovate Risk Analysis

Break the traditional boundaries within your data analysis. Understand how different factors affect your risk and find ways to control and mitigate it.

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Mergers and Acquisitions

Identify previously hidden location-based synergies and risks when planning an M&A. Do the geographies of the two companies complement each other positively?

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