Placing infrastructure in the real world.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) compliance requires more than a digital model of the infrastructure. Buildings and other infrastructure need to be understood in geographic context, facilitating early conflict detection, planning for the logistics of getting materials and utilities to the site and communication of status and progress through the build. GIS complements traditional CAD by providing that essential context, logistics, communication and collaboration capability required by BIM level 2. This approach can be extended to working with 3D building models as you look forwards to Level 3 compliance.

"As people and Governments look to the future, in particular Smart Cities, surely the need to utilise both BIM and GIS in a more joined up way is just around the corner."

AGI Insight Report; SIM Cities: Why BIM and GIS fit together


Argent's Kings Cross Redevelopment

Argent uses Esri’s cloud-based service, ArcGIS Online, to share asset maps with colleagues, partners, contractors and other third party organisations.
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Crossrail improve efficiency in a £15 billion construction project

The Crossrail project uses Esri’s ArcGIS platform to manage hundreds of simultaneous developments and account for millions of new assets.
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GIS in BIM: plan, design, build and operate

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Foster and Partners

Foster and Partners use GIS in their business through many stages of the design process. Read more

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