Synthesise your CAD workflow.

From the government to the private sector, the organisations that hire you expect more from your designs. CAD is your tool to create those designs, but it can’t help you with transparency, project management, and analysis. Esri combines the CAD workflow with geospatial visualisation, giving you a holistic perspective of the surrounding environment and informing all the design decisions you make.



Bring high-precision survey data into the entire project life cycle with ArcGIS data management and analysis tools.


Manage the holistic life cycle of engineering data from GIS to CAD and back again.


Use powerful analytical tools to create safe and compliant design scenarios.


ArcGIS for AutoCAD

ArcGIS for AutoCAD is a free plug-in that allows you to access and create GIS data through ArcGIS for Server and ArcGIS Online. Within the AutoCAD environment, you gain easy access to enterprise GIS maps and map images, as well as feature services. In addition, ArcGIS for AutoCAD allows you to edit ArcGIS data that has been stored locally within the AutoCAD drawing or exported from ArcGIS for Desktop.

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ArcGIS for Server

ArcGIS for Server improves the way your business works by bringing the power of GIS into the hands of everyone in your organisation, enabling better decision making. Unleash the power of ArcGIS for AutoCAD by fully integrating your CAD into the enterprise with ArcGIS for Server.

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ArcGIS Online

Two solutions, Proposed Water Design for the water industry and Project Planning Markup for the telecom industry, are both configurations of ArcGIS Online for developers, planners, and design engineers to quickly sketch in proposed and current infrastructure projects using a web map.
As with any of the ArcGIS Online templates, these tools can be modified for any infrastructure project.

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