Central Government

Esri UK solutions are used within almost every central government department to help put data, assets and activities in a geographical context – making abstract problems concrete, improving policy-making and optimising service delivery.

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Reducing costs

Delivering better for less presents a substantial challenge for every public sector organisation. It means looking at services afresh and taking new approaches to delivery. Esri UK have helped a wide range of local and central government customers to add value to existing business information, generate new insight, improve service delivery and reduce costs.



Innovation & Collaboration

From Open Government to Open Data, the current administration calls for new innovative ideas, tools, and improved policies that reform government and make it smarter, more efficient, more transparent, more collaborative and more responsive. But to change the path of government, innovation needs to go beyond great ideas and become enmeshed with the infrastructure in place. Through GIS, innovative maps and applications are inspiring and enabling raw data and great ideas to be put to action; transforming government and the world around us.





Digital Open Government

The UK government is delivering IT projects in a different way. It is transforming the way the public interacts with government by building digital services that are simpler, clearer and faster to use. It has provided clear guidelines on the way IT projects should be built and how they should be delivered.



Case Study

The Forestry Commission saved £1m. Find out how..

Case Study

Read more on how Scottish Natural Heritage saved time and resources answering general inquiries and provided a better service to the public with an interactive mapping service.


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