Get the big picture from big data.

Understanding weather requires knowing time and location. Sensors on land, sea, and air report massive amounts of weather data every day. Get a handle on your big data with the Esri platform. You can distill vast volumes of diverse data into information that can be visualized, analyzed, and shared. Track a storm in real time, predict its trajectory, and trigger warning systems. Quality data and advanced scientific models improve forecast accuracy. Esri helps you to better understand climate and its effect on lives and property and take action.

"Good data, deployed effectively, can save lives."

Penny Pritzker, Secretary, U.S. Department of Commerce



Visualize weather in action using data from conventional resources such as satellite and sensors. Add data from nonconventional sources such as drones and social media.


Build what-if scenarios that show how climate variables might impact flooding, drought, or sea level rise.


Trigger an early storm-surge warning, connect with residents, and coordinate with responders. Collaborate to build a resiliency plan.


ArcGIS for Desktop

Powerful modeling tools help you better assess past, present, and future climate patterns. Map isotherms, track hurricanes, and forecast weather with ArcGIS for Desktop. Better understand the potential impact of sea level rise and storm surge by seeing 3D scenarios.

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ArcGIS Online

Providing a vast resource of weather data and maps, ArcGIS Online helps you tackle climate-related challenges. Combine quality data from weather data services with other data layers, then build maps about the issues that concern you. The web GIS to effectively share information and maps with your community.

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ArcGIS Image Extension for Server

Analyze weather, vegetation, and floodplain imagery to understand cause and effect. ArcGIS Image Extension for Server makes image management simpler. You won’t need to disrupt your workflow, because you will have the tools to orthorectifiy, pan sharpen, and enhance imagery instantly inside the ArcGIS environment.

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