Connect land, people, and biodiversity.

The interactive relationships of species, ecosystems, and genetics weave the tapestry of biodiversity. Likewise, interactive collaboration among stakeholders is essential to conserving biodiversity. Esri makes the dialogue between conservationists, government, and business easily understood. Access data from multiple disciplines and layer it onto a map. More readily analyze cause and effect. Use the Esri platform to collaborate and find ways to preserve habitat and species.

"GIS technology has become a major tool for many of us trying to conserve wildlife."

Dr. Jane Goodall, founder of the Jane Goodall Institute.



10 Inspiring Wilderness Maps

In honor of the fiftieth anniversary of America’s Wilderness Act, Esri highlights ten organizations that have created GIS for conservation applications. Anyone can easily use these interactive maps to see their role in earth’s natural systems.
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Afghans Work to Preserve Habitat

The Wildlife Conservation Society used GIS to convince the Afghan government to set aside land for a national park. Working together they brainstormed issues, developed concepts, and built the country’s capacity to protect and restore the environment.
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Spain Assesses Threats to Wildlife

Spain’s Wildlife Rescue Center promotes conservation by providing information about the health of wildlife. The Center uses ArcGIS to identify wildlife threats and explore how these threats are caused by human and environmental impact. Read more

Malawi Farmers Increase Crop Yields

A conservation team from Scotland worked with farmers in Malawi to find a way to increase the community’s crop yield. Participants used Collector for ArcGIS to capture field size and crop data. Multispectral satellite imagery showed landscape-level vegetation. Read more


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