Defence and National Security: gain visibility to a wider range of data

The defence and national security industry use location based solutions to make decisions on how to make the most of available resources.


Use your intelligence smarter than the opposition

Information Superiority means having greater access to information of all types than your adversaries, coupled with the ability to process and share it faster.
This has never been more critical than today, where operations are increasingly conducted at high tempo in ‘5C’ (congested, confused, connected, cluttered and contested) environments.

Key to this is enabling decision makers to exploit a vast range of data, often across many different formats and systems. But it does have one thing in common - a place and time, making Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) a natural choice for its exploitation. Esri UK’s customers use ArcGIS, the most proven Geospatial Information System in Defence.

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White Paper

How geography and the geographic approach is germane to cyber warfare.


Case Study

Using GIS to provide NATO commanders from twenty eight countries with the insight they need, when they need it. 

NATO Intelligence Fusion Centre Case Study


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RUSI Article: Esri UK examines the contribution of GIS to counter-piracy operations