Defence and National Security: achieving a more joined-up view

The defence and national security industry use location based solutions to make decisions on how to make the most of available resources.


Interoperability Assured

By acknowledging and actively supporting geospatial and other IT standards, Esri’s ArcGIS assures interoperability with allies and other departments of government. By delivering a common geospatial capability these organisations are better able to achieve a joined-up view, with increased collaboration and intelligence sharing. We help you to achieve this in two ways: 

By being the most widely used and proven GIS in the community 

ArcGIS is the most widely deployed GIS capability across the MOD, National security and UK Public Sector sectors, in use across 100s of organisations and 1000s of users on a daily basis. 

Esri components form the core of the US Department of Defense (DoD) Commercial/Joint Mapping Toolkit (C/JMTK) programme. 

Within the Defence and National Security community, ArcGIS is also the core solution within key Allies including Australia, Canada and New Zealand. 

ArcGIS was also recently chosen as NATO’s Core GIS assuring standards coherence, enhanced spatial information sharing and interoperability across the alliance.

By delivering the most flexible GIS available

Esri has continually developed the architecture of its products in response to emerging IT as well as GIS activities and trends that promote interoperability. This not only enhances GIS data management and information interchange, but also supports emerging Web services, GIS portals, and Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDIs).

ArcGIS Data Interoperability tools add direct read-write capability for the widest range of formats, including Geography Markup Language (GML), XML, WFS, Autodesk®, DWG/DXF, MicroStation® Design, MapInfo® MID/MIF and TAB, Oracle® and Oracle Spatial, and Intergraph® GeoMedia™ warehouse. 

See more about our product commitment to interoperability here.

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The Open Geospatial Consortium is the world’s leading body for spatial data standards. In Defence and Intelligence, no one is more compliant than Esri. Find out more about OGC and then review Esri’s compliancy.


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