Defence and National Securitymanage resources, assets, facilities, land and services with GIS 

The defence and national security industry use location based solutions to make decisions on how to make the most of available resources.


Installation and environment management

From super-garrisons to FOBs in theatre, from Airbases to Port facilities, military installation and environment (I&E) managers use GIS to manage an increasingly complex array of resources, assets, facilities, lands, and services, in many cases similar to those of a medium-sized town.

GIS provides a common platform through which all these elements can be visualised, monitored, updated and controlled. This presents major opportunities to cut costs, reduce down time and provide a greater assurance of operational readiness. 

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2. Facility Management 3. Maintenance and Facility Works

4. Range Management  5. Environmental Management


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Featured Solutions

InVision Portal from PenBay Solutions LLC provides a dashboard view of a facility, its components, surroundings, and other data relevant to its management. 

Maximo Asset Management from IBM Tivoli provides comprehensive asset life cycle and maintenance management for all asset types.


SI Support

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