Fast, Flexible and Agile

Esri UK invested time in really understanding our needs. We had a tight deadline and it seemed like an impossible ask, but, in short, the consultants moved me from a big idea with a skeleton specification to an excellent solution in less than three monthsTracy Jones, Newham Council

Esri helps you deliver solutions faster by providing a rich ecosystem of software, applications, templates, content and open source code. This means you can do more with configuration and spend less time coding; reducing your delivery time, risks and total cost of ownership.

Esri Professional Services can help you in every phase of your agile project. We are experienced in agile methods and can offer consultants in all the key roles. We often place consultants, co-located, into our customers’ agile teams.

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Imagine if your Alpha took days rather than weeks.

We offer a number of fixed price, outcome based, packages that you can use as part of your delivery aligned to specific delivery phases.

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