The Cabinet Office has a very strong transparency policy and our new GIS application makes it far easier for people to find out about available property assets for sale, or for rent.Chris Statham, Head of Data Services, The Cabinet Office

Government IT must be transparent and open. Open to the public, open to organisations and open to competition.

Esri is an active supporter of open systems, open data, open source and the standards that make these happen. If you choose to create a solution using Esri technology you can be assured that it will comply with the Governments open principles.

Building open systems and services that can use existing services and themselves be re-used across government is fundamental to the government’s digital strategy. We wrote a blog about this here.

Open Standards

You should plan to allow others to reuse your components, and to develop alternative ways of accessing your services and applications. The ArcGIS Online platform takes care of this for you by providing a rich API based on open standards out-of-the-box.

Esri is a founding member of the Open Geospatial Consortium and we are committed to providing an open and interoperable platform.

Learn more about standards and interoperability

We support the UK Government’s open standards principles. We wrote a blog post reviewing these principles in respect to the geospatial industry and Esri-based systems in particular.

Click below to learn about how our customers have integrated Esri technology into their solutions using our APIs and services.

Open Source

Esri believes in open source and wants to make ArcGIS better for everyone. We release hundreds of open-source projects for people to hack and use and ArcGIS is designed to work with many open-source technologies. Learn more here…

The government provides this guidance on the use of open source. It recommends a level playing field between open source and proprietary software. At Esri we think you can get the best of both worlds. Interoperate with your existing open source stack, use applications and code provided open source by Esri whilst getting all the benefits of an established software leader: using a mature, functionally rich, GIS platform with a clear roadmap can help you reduce risk, development effort, ongoing support costs and hence total cost of ownership.

Esri UK supports the UK Government’s aim to share code across departments. If we write code on top of the Esri platform, on behalf of the government, we will work with you to make this available to other departments. This will enable you to benefit from common tools built elsewhere and for others to benefit from your work.

Open Data

Esri technology can help you publish and consume open data. Publishing your data publically as a set of standards-based services and as Linked Data is made much simpler using ArcGIS without the need for time-consuming development projects.

ArcGIS Open Data allows organizations to use the ArcGIS platform to provide the public with open access to their authoritative data. Organizations configure a website with their own look and feel and share spatial and non-spatial data as open data. The general public can use the site to search by topic or location, download data in multiple formats, and view data on an interactive map and in a table. Learn more here…

ArcGIS endpoints, either snapshots or live views of your data, can be easily registered with ArcGIS Open Data also publishes a catalogue of your data that CKAN systems can harvest, which makes publishing your data to even easier.

Most systems need background mapping data to provide context. We provide a range of Ordnance Survey background data that can be used within systems using ArcGIS using our free and premium Data as a Service.