Add location power to your data.

Whether you generate, transmit, distribute or consume energy, you need to know where it’s coming from, where it’s going, and what’s happening everywhere in between. Manage and predict outages and asset damage with a fully integrated GIS. Easily comply with regulations, cut costs, and keep your customers loyal with a data system that makes you look smart. Harness the power of location analytics today.

"Geospatial technology as a system of engagement is helping Network Operators tackle the many new challenges they face on the journey to a smarter, lower carbon, more agile world."

Esri UK, Electricity Distribution eBook


Electricity Distribution eBook - Improving Stakeholder Engagement

Until a few years ago, the UK electricity industry was operating on 100 year-old principles. But now a collision of multiple, fundamental forces is overturning the old ways of running an electricity business.
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Deploying next generation mobile GIS solutions

ScottishPower supplies electricity and gas to over five million homes and businesses. The company aims to play a key role in the British energy sector and contribute to the plan to curb greenhouse gas emissions through its investments in wind power, nuclear energy and clean coal.
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A Dashing Way to View Distribution in Real Time

Managers and executives save time with a simple operational dashboard. Everything they need and want to see displays in real time, with real interactivity function, from employee performance to customer service. Read more

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