Electricity Networks: transforming distribution

Electricity networks use our location-based solutions to improve decision-making and data-sharing. This means knowledge becomes more useable, more accessible and more understandable.


Electricity Distribution - Improving Stakeholder Engagement

Until a few years ago, the UK electricity industry was operating on 100 year-old principles. But now a collision of multiple, fundamental forces is overturning the old ways of running an electricity business.

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ScottishPower's mobile GIS applications are crucial for helping field teams to respond quickly, effectively and safely to customer issues.

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The electricity distribution chain has changed little in decades.  But global environmental trends are now driving changes in generation and use that could completely overturn the industry structure.

From network design to outage management, workforce mobility to emergency response, safety to service, new answers will be required by forward-looking transmission and distribution network operators.

Unlock business value by turning your data into information

Anchoring your operational data to a geographic location means instant, informed decision-making and data-sharing at all levels.  Knowledge becomes more useable, more accessible and more understandable.  And available when and where it’s needed most.

Over 4,600 Utilities worldwide trust Esri to support their business-critical activities.

It all adds up to the power to both boost performance and move you up the Ofgem league tables.


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A single view of location dramatically improves performance.

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Low Carbon

Environmental issues are causing us to look at new uses of location information. Find out more...

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