Electricity Networks: transforming distribution

Electricity networks use our location-based solutions to improve decision-making and data-sharing. This means knowledge becomes more useable, more accessible and more understandable.

Strengthen customer relationships – don’t react, predict

Sustained, year-on-year reductions in Customer Interruptions and Minutes Lost don’t happen by accident.  They come from robust initiatives supported by powerful knowledge. By bringing together customer information and network information, service standards can be lifted to the next level.

Strengthen customer relationships – don’t react, predict

  • Minimise outage risk – use a connected view of the network to prioritise investment and maintenance based on risk, not just age
  • Faster, better emergency response - know for sure where the problem is, who and what could be affected, what to do and who should do it.
  • Deliver demand side response – by accurately projecting future loads down to granular levels


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ScottishPower's mobile GIS applications are crucial for helping field teams to respond quickly, effectively and safely to customer issues.

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