Electricity Networks: transforming distribution

Electricity networks use our location-based solutions to improve decision-making and data-sharing. This means knowledge becomes more useable, more accessible and more understandable.


When it comes to safety, prevention is the best cure

Priority one: Maximise your ability to predict and prevent.

Priority two: When you can’t prevent, be best at responding.

The relationship between location and risk is clear. The better we understand what has happened, what might happen and what the implications will be at any given place, the better we can allocate the right priorities and resources.

Make better decisions, sooner

  • Find it all in one place – a single tool to visualise, interrogate, edit and maintain assets and risks
  • Know it’s always up to date – make poor and disparate records a thing of the past
  • Stamp out delays and omissions – active updates to operatives on their mobile devices
  • Stop ‘near enough’ - precise location information for fewer incidents, faster responses and superior support

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Featured Partner

Esri and Schneider Electric have delivered electricity network solutions all over the globe using the ArcFM Solution.

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Featured Customer

Decommissioning a nuclear chemical facility is highly complex and hazardous. Sellafield Ltd uses GIS to keep it safe.



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