Electricity Networks: transforming distribution

Electricity networks use our location-based solutions to improve decision-making and data-sharing. This means knowledge becomes more useable, more accessible and more understandable.


Meet environmental targets without blowing the budget

The environment has always been high on the agenda for electricity DNOs. Weather, vegetation and natural disasters all impact service levels.  So the ability to understand and predict has always been crucial.  However as decarbonisation moves from a lofty Government goal to a raft of specific regulatory measures, the impact is no longer one way. DNOs now need to understand and predict the impact of their actions on the environment.

Renewable energy helps reduce carbon emissions. But generation facilities have an environmental impact. Atmos Consulting balances the priorities using GIS.

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But how can the industry turn regulatory demands into environmental opportunities?

Location information is the critical factor that underpins environmental decision making and action.

No more ‘just in case’ - Know for sure what your network infrastructure is lying in, or near, what it is surrounded by, and what happened last time.

Smart Grid and Smart Metering - Integrate consumption and capacity information to optimise network operations and lower carbon emissions

Build for the future - Locate facilities and manage maintenance so environmental impact and risk from natural disasters is minimised.

Industry Insight

GIS has a critical role in Smart Metering planning, rollout and operations.

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Low Carbon

Environmental issues are causing us to look at new uses of location information.

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Featured Map

Wind energy is re-shaping the network. See where the wind farms are. 



Low Carbon

Environmental issues are causing us to look at new uses of location information. Find out more...

White Paper

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