Electricity Networks: transforming distribution

Electricity networks use our location-based solutions to improve decision-making and data-sharing. This means knowledge becomes more useable, more accessible and more understandable.


The relentless drive for efficiency

Ofgem’s RIIO regulatory framework ratchets up the drive for efficiency improvements.  The policy promises “higher returns for companies that deliver, and deliver at a lower cost”.  But the downside is that poor performance will be penalised.


Combined Heat and Power (CHP) places new demands on the network.

View the DECC CHP development map.

The right information and the right tools

The benefits of accurate location information accrue across the whole business:

More accurate investment planning – with deeper insight in to the cost structure of your network

Confident knowledge of what assets are where – maintain a single source of the truth

Enhance productivity – provide accurate information to construction, inspections and maintenance teams, in and out of the office

Avoid delays and repeat trips– with up to date information the right tools and skills can be applied to the right place

Avoid duplication of effort – data entry and update only need to happen once


Low Carbon

Environmental issues are causing us to look at new uses of location information. Find out more...

White Paper

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