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Fuel your operations with the power of spatial analysis. Esri can help you find the best places to build a new facility, map your current facilities, and manage nearby environmental factors, such as weather conditions and economic variables. Track developments in current and potential generation sites in real time, and share with your team for faster collaboration.

"We were able to collect data on more than 10 million potential sites in a matter of hours—a process that traditionally would’ve taken years."

Ryan Taylor, GIS Administrator, Kerr Wood Leidal (KWL)



Make internal and external datasets talk to each other through the common denominator of location.


Determine the next best place to site a new solar farm, wind farm or generation plant.


Drive collaboration internally and with your community when your plans are based on intelligent analysis.


Collector for ArcGIS

Put mapping in the hands of your field work force to improve the accuracy and currency of your spatial data and make more timely and informed decisions.

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ArcGIS Spatial Analyst

Map and analyse the effects of the sun, accounting for how daily and seasonal shifts of the sun angle, along with variations in elevation, orientation (slope and aspect), and shadows cast by topographic features, affect the amount of incoming solar radiation.

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ArcGIS Online

Collaborate with your team to pull the right generation sites out of your data. Mine your files spatially to achieve the biggest return on investment. Share key findings and get colleagues’ feedback so you collaborate faster and from any device.

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