Make sure each customer feels that they are the one and only.

Building customer trust is paramount in today’s challenging environment. Companies in energy retail face increased competition and customer service is becoming an ever stronger differentiating factor in the market. Knowing your customer profiles is key to providing good customer service and reaching higher levels of customer satisfaction. Spatial analytics and mapping will not only enable your company to reach a higher level of customer connection though a better understanding of clients, but also improves communication with the public through interactive and engaging communications which involves customer participation.

"ArcGIS has helped us solve a number of complex problems, which ultimately benefits our customers."

Marshall Payne, GIS Support Services Director, Pacificorp


Contact Centre Intelligence

Enable your call centre agents to see relevant information – such as location of clients and nearby service crews - to drive improvements in first call resolution and in other KPIs that are constantly on your radar.

Customer Profiling

Tailor your package offering and pricing by using predictive spatial analytics and enhanced customer insights to know exactly what customers want, even before they do.

Smart Energy Solutions

Web based tools can help customers easily find smart energy solutions that would suit them best, resulting in additional revenues without the additional contact centre costs.


ArcGIS for Server

Share your geodatabase resources across your whole organization and the web. ArcGIS for Server lets you connect with colleagues no matter where they are. Share geographic information to enable collaboration and strategic decision making.

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ArcGIS GeoEvent Extension for Server

Big data? Big opportunity. GeoEvent Extension builds real-time maps fed by all your data inputs – no matter how many you use. Put the latest information on mobile devices, track environmental changes, and keep decision-makers informed. Condense what you need to know when you need to know it.

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ArcGIS Online

Location information can be used by everyone in your organization, no matter how technically savvy they are. Easily manage assets across your organization through interactive maps and apps available through ArcGIS Online.

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