Smarter planning, rollout and operations.

Ensure the efficiency of your smart meter rollout by using spatial analytics to identify the areas of highest priority and where there is likely to be a successful rollout early on. Allocate your teams efficiently based on location and skillsets and make sure that they are routed efficiently between appointments. Once smart meters have been implemented you can then use GIS to analyse business data, manage assets, integrate work orders and prepare reports, all in an easy to use dashboard for senior management.

"We have been able to lower the duration of customer outages, improve crew response time, and reduce labour and overtime costs by $240,000."

Chris Folta, Manager of Applications and Integration, Benton Public Utility District


Roll-Out Planning

Target the right areas in the right order by understanding customer preferences and behaviour, property type and age, transport infrastructure, communications signal strength, transport and traffic.


Smart meters allow you to analyse customer energy usage data in real time, providing your management team with powerful new insights. These insights can help improve operations in new ways, such as by detecting anomalies in consumption to highlight technical issues.

Meter Asset Management

Control costs by minimising premises visits and making sure installations, replacements and repairs are done right first time leading to improved asset reliability. Location information makes automation possible, helping to keep costs down.


ArcGIS for Server

Share your geodatabase resources across your whole organization and the web. ArcGIS for Server lets you connect with colleagues no matter where they are. Share geographic information to enable collaboration and strategic decision making.

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ArcGIS GeoEvent Extension for Server

Big data? Big opportunity. GeoEvent Extension builds real-time maps fed by all your data inputs – no matter how many you use. Put the latest information on mobile devices, track environmental changes, and keep decision-makers informed. Condense what you need to know when you need to know it.

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ArcGIS Online

Location information can be used by everyone in your organization, no matter how technically savvy they are. Easily manage assets across your organization through interactive maps and apps available through ArcGIS Online.

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