Keep a watchful eye on Earth.

Twenty-first century technology captures massive amounts of data about your planet. Yet, finding that data and making sense of it can be overwhelming. Esri works with many organizations to standardize data and make it open for environmental analysis. You can monitor the community impact of pollution, weather, and hazards. You can also build online gateways with Esri technology that provide easy access to sensor and imagery data.

"By bringing sensor data onto platforms, we will see terabytes of data available to locate changes and translate them into policy from decision makers."

Jacqueline McGlade, Chief Scientist and Interim Director, United Nations Environment Programme Division of Early Warning and Assessment



Assess environmental impact and bring together earth-bound sensor data and satellite imagery. See a comprehensive picture of events.


Explore how the environment has changed. Scenarios show you how trends might extend into the future.


Use environmental modeling tools to study how areas in proximity to pollution sources are affected.


ArcGIS for Server

Using ArcGIS for Server makes everyone across the agency more capable and efficient. It gives analysts the ability to discover, use, and share maps anywhere and from any device. Create web apps and give staff tools and apps that help them do specific tasks.

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ArcGIS Online

Basemaps in ArcGIS Online provide the foundation for understanding environmental relationships. For example, you can add an urban forest data layer to an analysis about the city’s changing temperatures. Collaborate with others. Share your maps and data on your environmental web pages, blogs, and social media.

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GeoPlanner for ArcGIS

Use GeoPlanner for ArcGIS to sketch land-use proposals such as agriculture, urban development, and roads. GeoPlanner presents multiple scenarios so you can compare them side-by-side. Evaluate the scenarios to see which ones are closest to the overall land-use goals and see how they will impact the environment.

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