Protect people from pollution.

Create policy, implement regulations, manage enforcement, and repeat. You can effectively manage a broad scope of regulatory activities with Esri. Give staff better access to vital information and empower them to see areas of concern with geospatial intelligence. Staff have better access to vital information and clearly see areas of concern using geospatial intelligence. Whether measuring air quality in real time or regulating the movement of controlled waste, Esri helps you understand the problem and respond faster.



Access data and use place-based decision-making tools to formulate effective plans.


Before issuing or applying for a permit, analyze all the ways the site might be impacted by the project.


Locate compromised sites and find the source of regulatory violation. Record evidence, build a case, and present it in court.


ArcGIS for Desktop

Use ArcGIS for Desktop to manage the robust analyses required for regulatory projects. The brawn of the Esri suite, ArcGIS for Desktop does the heavy lifting for geospatial analysis. It builds 3D images, handles big data, and drives powerful models.

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ArcGIS for Server

The reach of an environmental agency is broad. ArcGIS for Server extends that reach by putting GIS into the hands of everyone in the agency. Staff can monitor real-time data, work in dynamic environments, and communicate with the public using online services.

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ArcGIS for State Government

Tailored for environmental protection agencies, the ArcGIS for State Government solution provides maps and apps that make your work easier. Staff as well as citizens can use them to address environmental concerns. They can also communicate on the status of key projects.

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