Fire & Rescue

The members of your community trust you to keep them safe. Put your trust in GIS to get it right with smarter situational awareness.

GIS mapping software for Fire and Rescue


Increasing operational efficiency and effectiveness

The role of a modern Fire and Rescue Service (FRS) has become much broader than simply putting out fires. From prevention of road traffic collisions to neighbourhood renewal, the FRS has become deeply embedded in the community. Activities such as education of young people, working with older people to keep them safe in their homes, providing first aid and preventing crime are all part of this wider remit.

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A Common Operating Platform

Esri's GIS mapping software supplies reliable information where and when you need it most. Know who and what are at risk. See where demand is changing, understand it better and manage it differently. Execute a smarter strategy across services and agencies —all through the power of visualising, analysing, and acting on data through the lens of location.

Understanding and Managing Operational Risk

Data about risks is more available than ever - and in this data rich world, Esri's GIS helps you bring a wide variety of data together to know where your community is most vulnerable and analyse why that is, to reduce these risks.

Managing Demand and Performance

Identify patterns and trends to build insight into the changing demands on your services. Esri GIS supports fire cover and reviews your strategic resources more effectively to meet demand and improve performance.

Improving Community Safety

Collect information, such as safe and well visits, from the field using mobile apps to increase your knowledge of the community, improve data quality and speed up information gathering saving time and resources while improving community safety.

Mobile GIS maps accessible on smartphones and tablets

Delivering Situational Awareness

Simple map based visualisations for service staff of data such as incidents, risk intelligence and resources, is a powerful way to improved situational awareness anywhere, anytime.

Increasing Public Engagement

Improving the quality of the information the public can access and understand about your service helps increase awareness about the breadth of activities that you do. Esri's open data and online mapping apps help improve service transparency and public engagement.


  • Incident Location
  • Incident Command Post
  • Incident Diameter
  • Fire Department
  • Fire Truck
  • Police Department
  • Police Vehicle
  • Railroad

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A train derailment causes a massive explosion.

Calls are received into the computer-aided dispatch system. GIS displays incident details on a map, helping to route first responders to the scene. Agencies establish an Incident Command Post to manage the disaster and provide situational awareness.