Keep your teams and the public well-informed

Visualise patterns in your data more easily using the power of location. Create dashboards and maps for your internal networks to keep staff informed and share engaging StoryMaps with the public to raise public awareness. Improve your active informatics and workload modelling systems to significantly advance emergency planning procedures and ensure your people and resources are in the right place at the right time.


Business Intelligence & Dashboards

Integrate GIS with your existing BI systems and create dashboards to monitor activities and events, track your workforce and assess the status and performance of your daily operations.

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Workload Modelling

Model emergency procedures and resource allocation for various emergency scenarios to guarantee the best performance.

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Public Awareness

Use viewer-friendly, interactive story maps to share information with the public and teach them how to minimise the risk of fires.

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ArcGIS for Emergency Management

Leverage the free templates in ArcGIS for Emergency Management to quickly disseminate accurate, real-time information to the public using maps. Build focused apps that collect crowdsourced information to give you a more accurate view of the situation on the ground.

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Collector for ArcGIS

Collect information from responders in the field to provide the public with the most current information possible. Whether you’re mapping the most current fire perimeters or damaged infrastructure and structures, Collector for ArcGIS enables you to immediately update your online maps with reports from the field.

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ArcGIS Online

Create dynamic, public-facing maps that provide updated information to your community. Use templates like the Public Information Map to document active hazards, evacuation areas, shelter locations, and live information from social media. And the best part? Your maps can be viewed on virtually any device, anywhere.

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