Increase forest business profits.

To create a profit strategy, you need to know the value and location of available timber and the inventory of purchased stumpage. You also need to know costs. An enterprise GIS gives you a business edge. Improve the procurement process. Map procurement zones and calculate wood procurement costs. Use GIS apps to locate inventory and calculate price while in the field. Use ArcGIS to ensure mills receive a reliable supply of wood and streamline raw material purchases. It will also help you comply with regulatory standards.



Analyze regional forest inventories and production forecasts. Monitor procurement activity and evaluate competitive risk. Evaluate potential areas for new mills.


Rapidly create timber sales information packages and site activity plans. Share them online for review.


Locate transportation networks and determine delivered wood costs based on harvesting and transportation forecasts.


ArcGIS for Desktop

ArcGIS is a core technology for forest enterprise management that helps reduce costs and save time. More than dots on a map, ArcGIS organizes data so it is easily accessible and useful for analyzing location, markets, distribution, and more. ArcGIS for Desktop powers intelligent forecasting.

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Location Analytics

Visualizing critical forest information helps you understand problems and make informed decisions. Get value from your information technology by integrating ArcGIS into any business system such as BI, CRM, ERP, SAP, and Microsoft Windows. Use location analytics to study landscape, land cover, ecosystems, economics, and more.

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GeoPlanner for ArcGIS

Land-based planning tools in GeoPlanner for ArcGIS help you create and evaluate scenarios and prepare projects and reports. Create a profit strategy, calculate costs, and estimate market value based on stumpage and yield forecasts. Templates help you get started using geoscience and analysis applications.

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