Increase sales and lower costs.

Savvy foresters know the market, know their inventory, and know how to sell it. Use ArcGIS to monitor sales activities and fulfill demand-driven production. Analyze markets by exploring sales scenarios. Better manage your forest’s portfolio, attract investors, and collaborate with stakeholders. You will respond to sales opportunities faster if you have a current timber sale map showing ready-to-harvest aspen, spruce, fir, or other species. Create and publish GIS maps for the bidding process.



Plan today’s investments by tracking current tree inventory in specific forest areas and projecting the future value of timber growth.


Reduce shipping costs by effectively routing and scheduling timber deliveries. Implement fuel saving green initiatives to minimize carbon emissions.


Manage chain of custody and traceability by tracking certified material from the forest to the end product.


ArcGIS for Server

Collaborate with stakeholders via GIS web services and make tools, data, and maps available to everyone that needs them. Anyone can explore forest geographic information to stay on top of business challenges and opportunities. Combine your forest company’s data with other authoritative data such as Landsat imagery or climate charts. Show it on a common map and publish it online. Learn more about ArcGIS.

Learn more about ArcGIS for Server.

Explorer for ArcGIS

Make forest data, maps, and projects available to anyone in your company. Enable sales and export staff to sketch on top of inventory maps to highlight and share ideas with foresters and stake holders. Use interactive map presentations to brief investors.

Learn more about Explorer for ArcGIS.

ArcGIS for Transportation Analytics

Manage your fleet to get your timber where it needs to go when it needs to be there while saving money. Use ArcGIS for Transportation Analytics to reduce staff and transportation costs. It calculates optimum routing and gives you tools to create schedules and assess costs.

Learn more about ArcGIS for Transportation Analytics.

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