Gas Networks: Bring together customer and network information to improve engagement

Gas networks use location-based solutions for instant, informed decision-making and data-sharing at all levels. This results in the ability to respond flexibly to the changing environment and improve operational performance at the same time.

Hit Ofgem service targets and build reputation

Better location awareness means greater understanding, means superior service.

However tough the price control, you still need to meet Ofgem’s guaranteed standards of performance.  Whatever the activity; supply restoration, reinstatement of premises, providing accurate connection quotations, hitting completion dates, controlling planned interruptions or responding to complaints; the need is the same.  Better business intelligence.  And location is the ‘glue’ that holds it all together.

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Don’t react, predict

Bring together customer and network knowledge and create up-to-date awareness of potential problems, allowing predictive response, proactive communication and fewer disruptions.

Knowing what they need: Esri GIS enables you to better project future demand, so you can ensure resources are in place.

Faster, better emergency response: Connecting incident reports with a specific geographic location means instant, informed decision-making and data-sharing at all levels.

Stay in the know: As a situation changes, everyone needs to know – from corporate affairs to field support. Esri GIS can keep people updated wherever they are.

It all adds up to year-on-year performance improvements.

Featured Solution

Esri UK’s LocatorHub solution is used by UK utilities to tackle the complex problem of address management.

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The National Grid is saving £millions by transforming its gas distribution front office.

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A new connection is the beginning of the customer journey.  Wales and West Utilities uses GIS to get customers quotes faster.

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