Gas Networks: Drive mobility, leanness and responsiveness with better information

Gas networks use location-based solutions for instant, informed decision-making and data-sharing at all levels. This results in the ability to respond flexibly to the changing environment and improve operational performance at the same time.

Superior efficiency demands superior intelligence

Efficiency is about doing things right.  But too often little things get in the way that have a large impact.  Manual, paper-based processes still cause delays and errors in getting things done.  Incomplete or incorrect information often means rework or repeat journeys for a job that should only have been done once. 

And in a regulated market based on comparative performance, efficiency is also relative.  Doing the same thing as another and expecting a different result isn’t an option.

Esri GIS is designed, delivered and implemented to remove the obstacles and get the job done right first time:

Maximise return on capex and opex

  • Plan investments based on deep insight into the network and its cost structure
  • Optimise design processes – develop complete, integrated plans in a single system
  • Remove delays – rapid update of records
  • Build confidence in your intelligence – a single source of the truth which is entered once but used repeatedly
  • Take out information obstacles - share knowledge with the people and devices that need it

Intelligently applied, GIS increases the flow, accuracy and accessibility of information to all.  Which means a more mobile, leaner and more responsive operation.

Featured Partner

Esri and Schneider Electric together improve the efficiency of gas distribution operations using the ArcFM Solution.

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Keith Fraley, geo-information consultant for Shell Exploration and Production (E&P) looks at the impact of cloud based GIS technology on the oil and gas sector.

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