Smart Communities Start Here

Build a Hub of Innovation

The future of smart is here. Use location to extract insights from smart sensors and big data. Boost productivity, ensure sustainability, and help your community thrive.

What it Takes
Man using location analytics to analyse mapped data
Police officer working to protect citizens and infrastructure in a smart community

Healthy + Safe

Improve Public Safety

Combine big data with advanced analytics to map crime patterns and trends. Minimise the impact of an emergency by staying connected to the data, people, and resources you need.

Local business owner analysing data from the IoE

Well-Run + Prosperous

Create Job Opportunities

Map and analyse data from the Internet of Everything to support local businesses. Use demographics to show businesses where the market for their products and services can best be met.

Motorist experiencing a traffic delay

Safe + Livable

Minimise Traffic Congestion

Collaborate with agencies to coordinate and manage the impacts of construction. Use location-based analytics to develop plans that improve urban mobility and reduce pollution.

Happy resident of a smart community

Prosperous + Well-Run

Boost Civic Pride

Brand your community as a destination where people want to work, live, and play. Improve transparency with open data and respond to issues raised by citizens.

Woman volunteering to help the homeless in her smart community

Livable + Healthy

Reduce Homelessness

Equip your community with mobile data collection and spatial analytics tools that help agencies target and deliver services to impacted families and veterans.

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What It Takes

Use location-based insights to create hubs of innovation that foster data-driven decisions and improve quality of life.

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Connect people with open data—including big data and real time data—across departments and organisations.



Uncover patterns, diagnose problems, and predict behaviors to make data-driven decisions.



Empower field staff with the ability to map, collect, and analyse data from their mobile devices. 



Share critical information and open data to inform citizens and build confidence in government leaders.