Optimising service delivery and demand management in the NHS

Health Roundtable - 23 April 2015
Clos Maggiore, 33 King Street, Covent Garden WC2E 8JD

An exclusive opportunity to network with senior NHS leaders and to discuss the challenges of optimising demand management in the health service. NHS England’s 5 Year Forward View highlights the need for service re-design and transformational change at the same time as improving clinical outcomes and managing spend effectively.

Designing better integrated healthcare services means gaining a better understanding of the community, in operational terms so as to instigate interventions now, and strategic analysis and option assessment to plan for future services. Processes and outputs need to be transparent, collaborative and informative. This influences and effects commissioning and service delivery.

An opportunity to hear from Paul Scott, Director of Finance and Performance at Ipswich NHS Hospital Trust, about how the Trust is exploring new approaches to demand management, creating new insights and encouraging information sharing.

Also hear from Matthew MacDonald, Director of Analytics at NEL CSU, about how spatial analysis is used to develop an evidence base and inform decision making in commissioning, service delivery, monitoring and reporting.

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