Webinar: Service delivery and demand management for Clinical Commissioning Groups and Hospitals

Would the capability to understand patterns of health service demand in both time and space through intuitive visualisation and analysis allow you to maximise patient outcomes within the available budget?

To understand the full capability of the Esri Health Platform, register below to attend our webinar on Wednesday 18 March at 10:00am. 

Webinar Agenda


The Esri Health Platform

Data Analytics

Actuarial Analysis



The Esri Health Platform

A fast start towards improved health outcomes and more effective commissioning

Today, GIS delivered through the Esri Health Platform has a key role to play understanding the determinants of public health, the tailoring and targeting of services to community needs and the on-going monitoring of outcomes. In addition it has an important role to play in improving the management of estates, assets and operations. Join the webinar to find out more...