Health: Tackling and managing health protection issues

The healthcare industry is using GIS to help improve the health of the population. This means that services can be tailored and targeted to community needs and the outcome can be monitored - find out how below:




Health Protection

From preventing cholera in London in 1847 to real-time disease monitoring at the Hajj pilgrimage, Mecca, GIS has been instrumental in tackling, managing and intervening in health protection issues.

Esri UK’s powerful analysis tools and integrated workforce solutions enable those responsible for protecting and improving the nation’s health to better understand and therefore overcome the barriers to good health.

Mobile GIS improves field data collection, reporting, disease surveillance and analysis. Our interactive, easy-to-read ArcGIS maps, meanwhile, improve communication with national and local government, industry, and the NHS as well as the public.

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Field Data Collection

The city of Laurel, Maryland, used GIS to speed field data collection and create actionable data during a pandemic flu simulation

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