Resource Centre

There are a large number of resources available to you, whether you are a student, lecturer or researcher using Esri technology. The first place to look is the excellent ArcGIS Resource page.  The Esri UK team have collated a number of additional links to resources that should be useful to UK and Irish Universities.  These include data providers, online tutorials, blogs and some pretty neat examples.  We would encourage you to have a look at what is available. These resources will help you get the most out of our technology.

If you have a resource that you think should feature on this page, please send a short description and a link to


Map Data

There are many sites which provide access to mapping data which you can load into ArcGIS, here are some of our favourites.

Esri Basemaps

ArcGIS for desktop and ArcGIS Online both provide access to lots of base data including maps and satellite imagery.


supplies HE data from the Ordnance Survey, British Geological Survey, SeaZone (UK Hydrographic Office) and Landmark (historic OS maps).


The National Library of Scotland have one of the largest online libraries of historic maps.


The community mapping project that mapped the World, this is also available as an Esri Basemap.


Download OSM data by country so you can use it for analysis. Data updated daily.

UK Data Service

Access point for census and other social data for the UK dating back to the 1970s.

Remote Sensing Data

Remote Sensing data can enhance your analysis or simply provide a clearer visual representation of your study area. Many of the main government run space agencies now make much of their data available to the public for free.


Satellite images and derived datasets including Hubble images and even pictures taken by astronauts. Earth Observatory is particularly useful for finding satellite images


The European Space Agency make most of their data available such as ASTR, CRYOSAT, ENVISAT, ERS 1/2, and MODIS.


Access to many remote sensing datasets such as Landsat, ASTER, SRTM, Ikonos through USGS' EarthExplorer.


NOAA provides access to climate and oceanographic data.


The Exelisvis blog has a great list of free remote sensing.

Open Data

Data is increasingly released as being released as Open Data by governments. Below is a list of some of the main open data portals

ArcGIS Open Data

Discover, explore and utilise over 24,000 open datasets from over 1500 organisations Worldwide in 1 portal.

Esri UK Open Data

Open data for the UK from Esri UK.

Open data from the UK Government.

OS Open Data

Discover, explore and utilise over 24,000 open datasets from over 1500 organisations Worldwide in 1 portal.

UK Census data

UK Data Service Census Support provides free access to census Boundary Data and Postcode Directories.


The Office for National Statistics provides access to Census data for England and Wales.

Scotland's Census

Scotland's Census offers access to 2011 census data for Scotland.


An repository for open geospatial data.


Open data and online visualisation tools.


A list of Open-Data portals on GoGeo.

Learning Resources

If you are looking to learn new skills, brush up or explore new software then the resources below should be useful.

Virtual Campus

Over 170 online courses that are FREE to the HE community. To find out how to access them look at the FAQs.

Esri Press

Books on all aspects of Esri software, increasingly available as e-books.

Esri Video Tutorials

Short videos to get you started or to upskill you.

Esri Quick start guides

Quick start guides arranged by platform release version.

Esri YouTube

Lots of videos including tutorials, overviews, interviews and talks from the User Conferences.

Esri GeoNet

GeoNet is the replacement for the forums, but it is much more than just that, sign up to share, chat, collaborate and more.

Useful Blogs

There are many great GIS focused blogs, here are some of our favorites that the HE team like to check regularly.


Tips and hints from Esri UK staff on how to get the most out of Esri products.


A blog aggregator, if you just check one blog, make it this one and you wont miss much.


Mapping and GIS blog updated regularly with a wide range of topics.

Esri Blogs

Official Esri blogs, there are multiple communities including a channel dedicated to Education.

The Sandpit

Focusing more on developer tools and code snippets, this is a great blog for anyone wanting to get more out of their GIS.

Views of the World

Just great cartographic representations of the social factors with lots of cartograms.


Various topics and platforms covered but all pretty, eh, awesome.

Geospatial Python

Tips and hints on how to use python in GIS.

Another GIS Blog

Python, .NET, C++ and geodatabases

Wiki GIS

A pretty comprehensive list of GIS blogs.

Other Resources

Here are a few more resources that just didn't fit in the other categories.

Geo Gratis

Geo Gratis is a site that focuses on Natural Resources datasets mainly for North America.

Aster G-DEM

Aster G-DEM is a 30m DEM of the World. The data is free, you just need to register to download it.


GoGeo is a discovery portal for Geospatial information. You will find information on data, news, software and events.