Strengthen your infrastructure.

Invest in your existing assets by planning a proactive maintenance regime to save costs and time over the life cycle of your infrastructure. GIS offers a framework to collect and analyze the information you need to strengthen assets today so your tomorrow lands on solid pavement. Tomorrow's maintenance starts with today's decisions.

"Now with ArcGIS Online, I can empower my users to manage and deliver their own content in an organized way."

UDOT GIS Manager Frank Pisani



Know your assets and their conditions. Save time and money with proactive infrastructure management through GIS.


Your data stays current when information exchanges freely from the field to the office. Keep your planning updated with real-time data.


More timely inspections lead to more timely repairs. Maximise your infrastructure performance by understanding your investments.


Esri Roads & Highways

Free your data from stand-alone software systems and build a single source of truth that connects your departments. This linear referencing system gives you a comprehensive network overview through the common language of location. Integrate your data, analyze your options, and report your findings.

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ArcGIS Platform

Consolidate your intelligence into one geospatial engine that visualizes your infrastructure. Manage your roadways with accurate asset information. Build static maps with desktop software or interactive, web-based maps and apps to communicate your project needs internally and with contractors.

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ArcGIS for Mobile

Know where your assets and crews are in real time. Apps for data collection, report generation, and workflow management let your teams work on or off Wi-Fi. No-code templates let you configure the interfaces and back end you need to manage your projects and share your progress on any device, anywhere.

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