Manage and respond to real-time data.

An effective traffic-management strategy starts with Esri's spatially intuitive, sophisticated technology. Respond to changing traffic conditions and deploy real-time dashboards to your engineers. Decide what maps to share with the public, so drivers can make smarter decisions about closures and conditions. Your faster, safer roadways start with a clearer picture of your data.

"ArcGIS Online is changing how I support my department; the ability to rapidly publish web content has extended the value and capability of my team."

UDOT GIS Manager Frank Pisani



Simplify traffic management with real-time monitoring of active incidents, road construction, weather conditions, current speeds, and more.


Interact with your data to optimise infrastructure. See who's doing what and where so your roadways run more efficiently.


Empower customers to help traffic run smoothly when you share interactive, user-friendly maps of the latest road conditions.


Esri Roads & Highways

Gain a comprehensive view of your roads with Esri Roads and Highways, a linear referencing system (LRS) solution that enables operators to pull from a number of LRS networks to ensure maximized operational efficiency.

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ArcGIS Platform

Decide which roadways need your attention now with dashboards that focus your attention on the need-to-knows. Manage traffic, construction, weather, and tolls so you get the results you need. Configure apps in a choice of languages to build the GIS that optimizes your network.

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ArcGIS for Mobile

Map your operations from your smartphone, tablet, or browser. Data syncs so traffic engineers, customer service representatives, project managers, and executives can make informed decisions about your network from a single source of information.

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