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Reduce fatality rates by making your roadways safer. Identify dangerous stretches and hot spots. Then let the sophisticated analytics of GIS power your public safety projects. Improve miles of network when you and your safety engineers understand the highway geometrics and human factors that correlate to the road segments you can most improve. Take control today.

"It gave us the opportunity to engage our other planning partners in a way that we could collaborate and share."

Utah DOT Director of Planning John Thomas



Consolidate your data more efficiently when crash reports, weather conditions, traffic counts, and roadway geometrics leave their software silos.


Locate dangerous roadway segments and hot spots. Identify and mitigate safety concerns to protect your drivers proactively.


Improve highway safety by understanding your roadway crashes. GIS provides your route to public safety through informed action.


ArcGIS Geostatistical Analyst

Explore your crash data in new ways, uncovering hidden insights and patterns. Esri's ArcGIS Geostatistical Analyst gives you the tools to enhance your understanding of crash data through sophisticated analyses that produce relevant correlations.

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ArcGIS Platform

Combine information from all your stand-alone information systems into one geospatial engine. With the power to map your crashes together with traffic counts, pavement condition and friction ratings, and other key information, you can plan the most strategic highway safety improvement projects with confidence. ArcGIS gives you the industry standard in proven technology for safety management.

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ArcGIS for Mobile

Accurately locate every crash location in the field on any device and bring accurate data back into your analysis. When you know where the crashes happen, you can better target your safety projects.

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